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8 Replies to “ An Apology ”

  1. Dec 22,  · An apology is an expression of remorse for something you've done wrong, and serves as a way to repair a relationship after that wrongdoing. Forgiveness occurs when the person who was hurt is motivated to repair the relationship with the person who inflicted the hurt%(6).
  2. An apology should unequivocally take responsibility for the offense.” Offering a non-apology. “A non-apology is a statement like: ‘I’m sorry you were offended by my joke,’ Giner-Sorolla.
  3. To accept an apology isn't easy for either person involved. Apologizing is a very humble act. Well, it can be humble if done correctly. It is sometimes viewed by people as an admission of guilt.
  4. Aug 06,  · Apology letters are of two types, personal and official apology letters. For an apology letter to be effective it has to be sincere and must come straight from the heart. Writing an apology letter conveys more earnestness than a verbal apology. It is one of the most effective ways of making amends for something which has gone wrong.
  5. an act of saying that you are sorry for something wrong you have done: I have an apology to make to you - I'm afraid I opened your letter by mistake. He's demanding a full apology from the newspaper for .
  6. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Deserves An Apology The news media and his political opponents lambasted Brian Kemp for opening his state. We now know they were wrong and he was right.
  7. Definition of apology. 1 a: an admission of error or discourtesy accompanied by an expression of regret a public apology. b apologies plural: an expression of regret for not being able to do something I won't be able to attend. Please give them my apologies.
  8. The apology does not suggest a fault or a weakness. It is an expression of sympathy. It has no more special meaning other than being polite. In that sense, it may not be a real apology.

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